The text format is based on GitHub Flavored Markdown. Marp uses the horizontal ruler to create multi-page slides. A — between empty lines splits the presentation into slides.


Marp is the simplest presentation writer with Markdown.

  • Create slides with Markdown
  • Cross-platform
  • Live preview with 3 modes
  • Theme supports (Default & Gaia theme)
  • Supports rendering emoji, math, and background image.
  • Export slides as PDF!

Marp is powered by Electron.

Getting Started

npm install

npm start

Go to and Unpack *.*.*-Marp-linux-[arch].tar.gz and run Marp.

How To Use Marp

  • First Step: For different slides use — this take you  to next slide.
    # First page
    The page number `1` is not shown.
    <!-- page_number: true -->
    # Second page
    The page number `2` is shown!
  • Additional Features:

To add a image in background use – ![bg](path to image)

To simply add a image- ![](path to image)

To use == for ==highlighting blue==

==This is highlight markup.==

Use $L^2$ to write Lsqaure

To get f(x)2dx<+∞ as output use following:

 $\int\vert f(x)\vert^2 dx<+\infty$

For a example view:

Click to access FEM.pdf


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